Bursary Information

Winant Clayton Volunteers aims to offer volunteering abroad to people from all backgrounds. In order to make our exchange programme accessible to a diverse range of candidates we have a bursary scheme through which we can offer a limited number of subsidised places and financial support.

All bursary applicants must be able to demonstrate that they are in significant financial hardship and that financial assistance is necessary for you to be able to take part. You must also demonstrate your commitment to using the experience you gain on the programme to benefit your local community on your return. In addition to this you must demonstrate an interest in Winant Clayton Volunteers and an interest to remain involved with the organisation on your return. Some examples of bursaries that we can offer are:

1. Winant Clayton Volunteer Hardship Award USA (up to $2800)

Applicants can live anywhere in the USA to be eligible.

2. Winant Clayton Volunteers Tower Hamlets Unemployment Award (up to £1750)

We provide a fully funded unemployment bursary available to unemployed people between the ages of 18-25 living in Tower Hamlets, with a passion for their community and volunteering.

3. Irish heritage awards (up to £500)

Applicants must show proof of Irish (including Northern Irish) heritage.

The amount awarded to each candidate is at the discretion of Winant Clayton Volunteers. Candidates may apply for more than one type of bursary. Those who apply for a bursary award will not be considered for unsubsidised places.

To apply, and for further information on each award, please read the Bursary Guidance carefully to check your eligibility. Then complete the financial statement form and submit along with the other necessary documents (see checklist in guidance).