Placement Case Studies

This is what some of the London based organisations have to say about being involved with Winant Clayton Volunteers:

"Providence Row Charity has so far been delighted with the volunteers sent by Winant Clayton Volunteers. Providence Row is a day centre in the heart of London, providing a safe haven and support for homeless and vulnerable people. Winant Clayton volunteers often work with our meaningful occupation team, which runs activities like IT and art workshops, a bicycle repair group and help with job search – all aimed at building clients’ self-esteem, giving our clients a structure to their days, and a sense of purpose.

Our clients aren’t always easy to engage with, or to motivate, but the Winant volunteers bring a wealth of enthusiasm, humour, strength and warmth, encouraging clients to sign up to workshops which eventually led to a newsletter written and produced entirely by the clients themselves. We’re looking forward to seeing what future volunteers bring us!"

  • Judith Fessler, Organisational Development Officer, Providence Row, London

"Here at Search and Care, we seek out older people in the community who need help in managing life's daily activities or accessing essential services, and provide them the support and companionship they require to live with security and dignity in the manner they choose. Clayton’s are assigned a list of clients with specific needs, they then organize their own schedule to provide 1-1.5 hour home visits for companionship/conversation, shopping/local errands, pet care (litter changing, dog walking, courier a pet to/from the vet), escort to/from medical appointments, computer coaching, organizational projects. This year we also had need for intermittent reception desk coverage.

Repeat clients anticipate a friendly person with an interesting accent to improve their day and quality of life. We always get great feedback, and this year was no exception. We seem to benefit best from an older adult who has a great energy level and the volunteer’s we’ve had over the past few years have been the best ever!"

  • Robin Strashun, Outreach and Volunteer Coordinator, Search and Care, New York

"Mosaic Clubhouse is based in London and is part of the world wide network of Clubhouses. At Mosaic we work with people who have severe and enduring mental ill health. The ethos of our organisation is founded on building relationships, therefore members and staff works side by side to create a working community.

I have been working at Mosaic for over eight years and during this time we have always had people from Winant Clayton volunteer with us for eight weeks during summer. The members of the Clubhouse really look forward to their time with us. The Winant Claytons volunteers work along side the members and help them to achieve their goals. We are so fortunate to have had some great volunteers over the years and they have never disappointed us. Each year it is sad to see them leave as they have become so integrated to our community and each one of them really feels like part of our family. We are so very grateful for the help they have given us and look forward to working with them in the future."

  • Beverley Randall , Programme Manager, Mosaic Clubhouse, London

"The WCV volunteers are instrumental to our summer operations here at VISIONS, they are placed in supervisory roles and are trusted to help run and supervise the program. It benefits us because they are able to plan, organise and execute programs. They provide support to other staff, supervise program and execute risk management procedures to contribute to a lower number of incidents compared to previous years. Each Winant volunteer brings a valuable skill or an interest that they are able to use to enhance the program. Based on their interest they volunteer to help in different programs, and at times they are willing to try other experiences they have never had and each time they have succeeded."

  • Khaled Musa, VCB Co-Administrator, Visions Centre for the Blind, New York

"Neighbours in Poplar and SPLASH --- both registered charities working in Poplar, the eastern end of Tower Hamlets --- have benefited enormously from the gifted volunteers who have come across the Atlantic to help our very diverse community. Most of our individuals and families are very deprived (by recognised Health and Housing standards), despite their proximity to the wealth of Canary Wharf. The US volunteers have been a real pleasure to work with, each different, but flexible and free spirits and we are really happy to be beneficiaries of this programme."

  • Sister Christine Frost, Manager, Neighbours in Poplar, London